Molle Panel Weight Capacity?

Hey All!

I’m interested in the possibility of mounting our Jackery Explorer 500 to a molle panel that mounts to the GFC in front of the window that sits up against the truck cab like the one at the link below:

The molle panel uses the provided mounting points in the GFC frame to attach - I believe it’s 3 points along the bottom and 3 points along the top (I have a Jeep Gladiator GFC).

I believe the panel itself can support the weight of the Jackery (a little more than 13lbs), but I’m unsure if that weight could be supported by the GFC mounting points themselves.

The Jackery is basically a box, so it’s all pretty concentrated weight as opposed to an axe or shovel or something where the weight is spread out.

I was wondering if anyone has experience with a panel like this or maybe some insight on what kind of weight the GFC mounting points might support?


Give Wyatt a call and talk to him. He is one good dude!

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I have that molle mounted on my Ford F150 with my Joolca hot water heater, my axe, and a few small things. Total weight about 20lb. No issues so far.

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