MOLLE Panels For All! I Need Your Help


I have made a MOLLE panel prototype that goes on the front of the GFC Frame for the 2nd/3rd gen Tacoma (GFC V2) and have received a lot of interest in making more of these.

There are a lot of different trucks out there and GFC versions which adds up to a lot of different mounting hole configurations so that is where I need everyone’s help.

The more MOLLE panels I send to the metal shop to be cut the cheaper the pricing so I am hoping to get dimensions for all of the different trucks/GFC versions and submit a HUGE order. These will then be offered for sale at the best possible discount!

If you are willing to help out please fill out the form below and send me a PM with the results.
I will then create a CAD drawing and once I have enough different trucks/versions I’ll start the 1st production run.



Here is the Tacoma prototype


Very cool.

Curious if you asked GFC if they would be willing to share this information, since I assume they have it on file?

It may be easier for you to share a google doc link for people to input their specs? Just a thought!

Good luck on this project!


I have had a discussion with GFC but unfortunately they are not willing to share the information.

Nice work

Specs for Chevy Colorado V1 PMd!

If you’re willing to take some measurements I can get a panel started for your Dodge Ram

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PM sent- Dodge Ram measurements

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Sweet!!! I have a taco and am really interested in this

Just finished the CAD models for the Dodge ram 1500 and a 2020 Toyota tundra!
Should have prototypes in 2-3 weeks.


Curious what the status is for the Tundra molle panel and if you are looking for interested buyers? I have a 2016 which should measure out the same as the 2020 but I can measure and send PM if you prefer.

I just received 10 V2 GFC panels for the tundra (2020) but should fit most 2007-2021 tundras.

5 with window and 5 without.

Shipping boxes arrive Thursday the 21st so I am going to start preorders this weekend.

I will make a post in the Marketplace section by the end of the weekend with the details and pricing.

For additional updates please follow me on Instagram at Ruff_Road_Designs


I get my camper in July, Is there a possibility a panel will be made for a 2022 Frontier? :slight_smile: Thanks

I don’t currently have a design for the frontier but if you can take a few measurements when you get it I bet it’s the same as the Tacoma and Ranger

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Absolutely! You are probably right. I’ll get back you mid July. Thanks for responding!

Would you be able to make a panel for a Dodge 2500? Thank you, Jeff


What year Ram 2500 and GFC version do you have?


Do you have a panel for the 1st gen tacoma?

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2019 Ram 2500 with a V1 GFC here.

Are you looking for one @prakashsurya ? I think mine will fit and it is no charge other than shipping costs if you want it.

I’ve been eyeing them, but just never pulled the trigger. I wouldn’t want to take it from you, I’m sure you paid full price! I’m interested though… what would shipping cost to Vegas?