Molle rack in rear

Has anyone tried anything g along the lines of attaching a Molle rack under the permanent section of mattress towards the front of the wedge? I was thinking of drilling some holes and setting t nuts in that area to utilize some dead space on the ceiling portion of the truck bed, but I’m unsure of how much it might reduce the strength. I sleep with my feet towards the front of the wedge so I feel like it wouldn’t be all to bad though.

the roof is only a 1/2 inch thick, i would perhaps look at 3M dual lock. if you make sure to allow it to cure before putting any weight on it, it will be solid as

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Thanks, I’ll look into that as an option. Definitely seems less intrusive when it comes to the actual structure.

companies like Camper, Tent and Vehicle Bags – VRNCLR use that stuff to hold the top shelf on, we have one in each of our campers - its super sturdy stuff

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I just read some of the reviews on it and saw some of the things people are using to hold up with it and I can’t believe I’ve never heard of this before.

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nice ! yeah it’s good stuff huh

Only issue I have with this stuff is that I have to use SO MUCH FORCE to get the velcro halves to attach to one another - especially with longer pieces. Not even kidding - using this to hold my accessory fuse panel in the bed to the top of a cubby, I need to put a 2x4 under it and fashion a little lever system just to get the velcro to pop together. Once it is attached, it is solid af and comes part with a lot less effort.

Just think this is not a great solution for things that are often attached and detached, but if it is semi-permanent, it is a fabulous option and I use it a ton.

Thanks for the heads up, but it’ll be a set and forget type deal. I just want to put a small rack up there to keep my axe and medical bag in some dead space vs on the floor of the bed.

I found that the hook and loop was WAY stronger than the adhesive. Did not work for me

I rocked that setup all summer, but with a giant hook-and-loop MOLLE panel instead. I had about six small pouches weaved into it, holding various accessories, about 20 lbs or so total and it held up fine. It was handy, but became incredibly annoying because they jutted out about 7-8" when they were full of kit… so I tore it down one day when it got caught on some furniture I was moving.

If you can ensure that whatever you mount up there remains flush with the roof, no more than a few inches, that would be a massive improvement compared to my setup. I’m gonna try some lower-profile pouches whenever I put it back up, that way I can only pack them so full.

Glad to hear it works. I’m going to see some bags myself and make a molle backing for them with snaps in the corners so I can just pull them down when I need something

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