Molly Panels

Hello GFC community,

I am looking to purchase BUILTRIGHT INDUSTRIES bedside rack system Molly panels. I am looking to mount a RotopaX 3 gallon gas can and some other accessories.

Below is a photo of the bed of my truck and an example from the website with the panel visible. My question is if anyone has experience using these panels and do they interfere with the bed clamps from the GFC.

If you happen to have suggestions on alternate Molly panel providers that is also of interest.

Thank In Advance

Truck = 2022 Ford F150

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I have them and love them. I haven’t installed my GFC yet, but was told they DO interfere. No biggie…nothing a dremel wheel can’t fix. I had to do that for my last tonneau cover. Can’t recommend Built right enough. Great company, great products

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Right on, appreciate the feedback :+1:t3:

I happen to notice that first pic with them on. That is the Retrax cover I had. The person in that pic didn’t install the cover correctly. The clamps are supposed to be between the white plastic spacers. Guess they figured a way around cutting the panels! I am surprised the cover closed for them.

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I have installed the Builtright Molle system on my Ram and I had to notch the molle panels for a proper fit. Prior to ordering these panels I contacted Builtright and they informed me to just touch paint the area cut on the panel. Great system to install accessories on.

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I have them on my '21 F150 on the drivers side and they are working for me. I installed them after the GFC was mounted and was able to make them fit without having to dremel them BUT I think I was just lucky based on where my clamps ended up. More than likely you will have to trim a little bit.

*Edit - I took a closer look at my installation and realized that I was able to slightly bend the panel back to fit under the clamps. Could possibly be an issue depending what mounts or accessories you’re mounting on the panel but if so then trimming should take care of it.

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Thanks for the reply and photos! I am just trying to mount a gas tank for days I go dirtbike riding, recently got my built right molle panel and attempting install this weekend.

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