More Baja time!

Apparently, the cartels were burning busses and causing chaos throughout Northern Baja. We didn’t even see anyone apart from fisherman.

Obligatory stop off at K38 for tacos

Los Arbolitos was absolutely stunning and cheap at just 200MXN per night. Of course, there are loads of places to camp for free, but I travel with my wife and toddler, so a little added security is worth it.

The water was freezing. I did a few dives in a spring suit and didn’t last too long. Really beautiful place to hang out for a few days!



I’m going to need more info about family Baja travel! I have two young ones and we’ve been apprehensive to head down until they are better at following directions (that happens eventually…right??) Great pics

In our case, the following of directions is getting worse as our daughter gains confidence walking, climbing, escaping etc :sweat_smile:

I’ve made hundreds of trips to Baja without issue and this is now our 4th trip with our daughter. It’s a far cry from my “single guy, camp and surf wherever I felt like days” but I still love it down there and want my daughter to grow up with these experiences.

May I ask how old yours are? I can imagine dealing with two would be more challenging.

Side note: Perhaps we should pitch a “GFC with kiddos” trip sometime? Doesn’t have to be Baja


GFC with kids trip sounds amazing. Mine are 2 and 5, the 5 year yr old is the bigger challenge as she’s extremely strong willed/stubborn even when it’s a safety issue. We’ve only been to Baja twice, both times flew into Cabo and rented a jeep to explore the mountians ans east cape. I think our limited experience is probably the bigger barrier if I’m being honest…but its been a family goal to head down there by truck when we feel ready.

Well, let’s keep in touch. We are pretty tied up for the next few months, but I think GFC with kids might be a cool idea. I probably couldn’t commit to anything until early next year. Never been to Cabo, but I’d love to drive the entire peninsula someday.

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Look at all that umi!!! I’d have harvested a bunch of that and gone to town!