Motorcycle Hitch with GFC thoughts

Does anyone use a motorcycle hitch mount for a dirt bike with the GFC on your tacoma? Trying to get an idea how the suspension with everything would work to add a 350 lb Dual Sport bike on a hitch rack along with the GFC, gear, etc.

Pics would be appreciated if you have any

Thanks in advance

For what its worth dad puts a pretty heavy scooter on his stock sprinter van and it does great. We plan on trading it in for a lighter induro and I plan on sometimes taking it on some trips with my tacoma. I would imagine a stock truck would have considerable sag. Right now my truck is still stock suspension but Friday thats changing. I got the Deaver u402 iii leaf springs in the back which are the heaviest option they make. My bed runs heavy more often than not and with a bike I bet it will handle just fine and maybe still have some rake in the back. For you It just depends on if you don’t mind the occasional but considerable bed sag, or if you want to upgrade your leafs.

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I used a versahauler Tray on my Tacoma with no gfc. Definitely noticed the weight (stock suspension), and I’m planning on doing the same with my gfc but will get some sumo springs also. Interested to hear any thoughts on that setup

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I haul a 250lb dirt bike on a hitch carrier with the gfc and sumo springs.I’m using the 1000lb Sumo Springs. The rest of the suspension is stock. Works great for me. I dont have a picture of it but this picture has close to 200lbs of tongue weight and I have about 225-250 lbs of other gear in the bed of the truck plus the weight of the GFC on top of that.

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What color sumosprings are you running? I’m looking at the same setup with the blue 610-40

Blue, its the same ones the 610-40