MotoVan/ MTBVan Buildout

@MBBME- Well I hope you have a full recovery.
@Dogandagladiator- I can get the staples removed in 8 more days. I don’t know if I’ll be able to ride by then though which is a bummer.
@dmg5000 lol very true!

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Some more pictures of the Velit AC

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This weekend I built the driver side wheel well electrical box, test fitted the main electrical system components, removed the components and then painted it. The electrical box will be secured via the L-Track on the floor and the unistrut on the wall. My goal is to make this build as modular as possible, without it looking modular. With that said, the electrical box is a stand alone unit, with the aluminum extrusion framed murphy bed system independent of the electrical box for structural support.

The 24V lithium battery system consists of 7000 watt hours of energy, 3000w AC 120V inverter, DC to DC charging, 24V to 12V converter for 12V appliances, Solar charging via 500W on the roof and an additional 200W of ground deployable panels.