Mount Maxtraxs inside bed

Hey Gang,

Any suggestions for mounting maxtrax or similar recovery boards horizontally inside the bed? I do not want to mount mine on the exterior or on the roof. I was looking for a way to mount them horizontally up against the front of the bed underneath my duluth backseat bunker, presumably using those little DIY mounting points on the space frame.


Don’t know what you have in mind, but hold them where you’d like to put them and decide on attachment points. You can potentially use hose clamps around the bars to create attachment points for the round V1 frame bars. Don’t forget to put a rubber barrier such as bike tube under the clamps to protect the bar and increase attachment friction.
If you have a tacoma, there are two threaded holes on the front bedrail that may be useful too.


Thanks. I was thinking of something similar in aesthetic and location to this picture below. However, my truck is an F-150 so I don’t have any nifty screw holes in the front wall of my bed.

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Builtrite has some Molle panels you can attach to the sides of the bed. You can then attach the max tracks to those. One option anyway

Do you have a Tacoma? If so there is this dude supralee on Tacoma world that makes an awesome mount for like 30$
Not my picture just stole it off tacomaworld but this mount is rock solid

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I love the idea of mounting them inside the bed (especially with the Back Seat Bunker there). I am curious about the ability to mount inside the V2 as well. It looks like there are tracks in multiple areas on the inside of the V2 camper which could provide an option for the tracks to be up above (on the underside of where you sleep). Not sure if they would fit there but am curious.

does anyone know if this mounting option would work on a Tundra? I have reached out to the guy through tacomaworld but didnt know if anyone had experience with this mounting option outside of a Tacoma.

Thanks in advance

Just a quick follow up for those of you who do not drive a Tacoma…I reached out to the guy who makes these on Tacomaworld (supralee is his username). He was super nice and got back regarding making mount systems for other trucks. At this time he only has one for Tacomas but will have others coming out in the next few months. Im totally sold on mounting maxtrax inside and especially up front. Just an FYI.


I thought about using those canyon dancer rings and some stiff bungee cords or other type of strap system to essentially strap them to the ceiling of the white honeycomb panel towards the front that does not move. But I’m not sure if that type of system would hold up to washboard roads and off-roading in general without falling out.

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I once saw a photo of some Maxtraxs mounted beneath the sleeping platform section that isn’t removable. Has anyone tried this method?

I went the other way and mounted outside. Mostly because I didn’t want to load my Maxtrax in the back after using them in the mud. Of course, I remove them when I’m not on trips.
Inside is certainly more secure.

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I have been contemplating mounting them on the outside - to the point I have the hardware to do it but for the time being I am using this simple hack to mount them on the inside with the added benefit that I can access them by opening up the panel and don’t need to get in to the bed of the truck.

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I just mounted the Canyon Dancer rings, threw on two carabiners, and attached the MaxTrax with an angled position so they take up dead space along the bed rail. This worked great. However, I am experimenting with rooftop pin mounts as we speak, to make space inside for water.

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