Mounting Accessories to the Doors

Has anyone in here mounted anything directly on to the doors? I have been thinking about mounting maxtrax to the doors by just drilling holes for the pins but I dont want to put too much stress on them. What do you guys think?

I have seen pictures of guys doing this. I believe the official position of gfc is that if you have something go wrong with that panel it would void the warranty but I don’t see it being an issue in terms of damage to your panel or your hinge. It may be an issue with weight and put stress on the struts but you could always replace those.

Powers4x4 on Instagram mounted maxtrax with the Expedition Essentials mount on his. Seems that the panel and hinge hold it well but the struts from GFC will need to be upgraded as with two maxtrax the panel won’t stay open.

Thanks guys! I actually follow Powers 4x4 on insta so thats where I kinda got the idea. I am wondering if 2 would be fine without the holder he has on it…

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The weight of that mount is 10lbs I believe. My guess is the struts from GFC are really only to hold the weight of the door anything extra will need new struts.

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Anyone know the process of upgrading the struts? It seems pretty easy to exchange assuming someone has a part #. I too am looking at doing something similar to power4x4 on IG.

They have a little wire circlip on each end and then they just pop off. Super easy.

Ah sorry I should’ve been more specific. I know how to remove. Was curious if you (or others) have changed them and if so what manuf and part # did you go with?