Mounting Bolts on the Tubes

What are people using the mounting bolts on the inside of their campers for? I was looking around in the camper today and wondering about how to utilize them. Curious to see what others

molle panel, quick fist clamps and tie down strap rings

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I put sport climbing hangers onto all of mine and use them with carabineers. I use it to hold my daypack, gloves, paper towels on a Bungie, hold my camera bag from sliding onto my dog if she is back there, Bungie shelf thing…

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Power distribution panel.


This is CLEAN.

Looks great! Building a quick electrical system this weekend and that’s inspirational to see. What’s that backing made of that you’re mounting the fuse block, solar controller, etc on? Are there any concerns about overloading the bolts there? I’m wondering if all my electrical stuff besides the battery could go up there, but I’m thinking that may be a lil heavy for only two bolts. Possibly some quick fists on the diagonal tube to share the weight… hmm

Its just a piece of scrap 3/8 plywood I had laying around. Seems solid without stressing the bolts. Batteries live in a tool box in the bed under the plywood bed platform and just plug into the the panel with power pole connectors. Keeps it all up and out of the way and nothing is connected to the truck.


awesome build; appreciate the additional images. This is helpful as I’m planning out my electrical system and bed build out now. love the idea of the power panel mounted up across the back

I have piece of plywood and my TV mounted to it

Very cool, thank you for the pics and additional info. It looks really good & not plywood like. Thought it was a sheet of ABS or something. Looks like some aluminum flat stock mounting it behind the plywood?

I’ve got the 30A renogy dcdc charger so need to mock that up and see how it fits. Know it’s a bit over 3lbs now so figuring with the fuse block and outlets and plywood, it would be 5-6lbs. That’s gotta be less than blackhearse’s TV setup…

Just painted with Rust-Oleum. Surprisingly Rust-Oleum Smoke Gray is nearly identical to Toyota cement. Just 1/8 aluminum flat bar behind it.


Looks great! Thanks for all the pics and measurements there, really aspirational and gave me some good ideas. Leaving Wednesday for a trip, but want to make something similar for summer.

In the mean time, I was wondering about attaching my battery charger directly to the front panel with 3M VHB tape? It fits perfectly and weighs 3.2lbs so that’s well below the 30-45lbs the tape can hold. Any thoughts? Photo below is the proposed location.