Mounting bolts?

anyone find any track stud alternative? so i need have to spend an arm and a leg of a hand full of the track studs bolts from gfc?

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the 80/20 stuff fits with a little modding. Just grind down the ends a little to get a better fit but they do work as is for lighter stuff. the width is the same as GFC but they are slightly longer. The Gzila are good and made right down the street from me

this is a GZila next to unmodified 80/20

I’m not a big fan of threaded aluminum because it strips too easy

He mentioned track stud in his post so he may be looking for a replacement for these.

you haven’t made any yet?

ha nope. I try not to make things that already exist.


great thxs have you found any steel ones that do not strip out?

those 80/20 in that link. I can’t remember max torque but they are used to hold together machine frames