Mounting DD 50" light bar

I’m mounting a DD 50" light bar to the front of the gfc camper.

The lights have an offset, where the rear screw is 3/8 inset.

I have no real manufactoring skills, so I’m making adjustments by gluing, grinding and cutting pieces of aluminum to the gfc light mount.

Still need to grind a bit, polish, glue to the gfc mount and then adjust and drill hole.

Got the light bar installed and configured to my uplifter switch.
Now I just need to wait until dark, orient above my headlights and then mark and drill for the rear hole.


Bringing this back from the dead.

Is that a v1 or v2 platform camper?

I’m looking for a solution to mount a light bar to the front of my v2 platform camper

Looks to be a V2 platform camper as there are no external struts

Good catch, I’m a little surprised this isn’t a more common way to mount a light bar to the front of a v2.

I’m thinking this is a better option than permanently modifying my bumper.

I think a lot of people mount them to their roof rack

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In my experience the light is much better for driving if it is low on the vehicle, so your bumper may still be your best bet.


My GFC is a v2.
I ended up ditching the lightbar, too much noise and was only ok bright for two BD LP6 lights.
I mounted the bar using the lp6 mounts and then glued aluminum to them and ground them down.



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