Mounting rtt directly to 4th gen 4runner roof

Heyo! I’m a 4th gen 4runner owner and aspiring v2 rtt owner. My goal is to mount the v2 directly to my roof, but as most of you probable know, gfc doesn’t offer that at the moment. I’m also not super savy with diy fabrication. Has anyone been successful with this or can point me in the direction to make this a reality? I’ve seen 2-3 4th gens on instagram that have been successful with mounting the rtt directly to their roof, but haven’t been able to get directions on how it was done.

Thanks for reading!

-Randy C.
Snohomish County, WA

Reach out to @shakarnr on instagram - he was able to use the 5th Gen RTT mounts with some custom provisions, and he also has a custom mount in the works for a 4th Gen

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What @joserheo said above, @jung.collin16 (shakarnr) is currently designing his own 4th Gen mounts that will be the ultimate GFC/4th Gen solution.

This is true! Randy if you reached out to me on Instagram and I didn’t reply yet my apologies! I have been very busy the past few weeks. Currently the mounts I am building are in the CAM process and figuring out production and cost. As soon as I am able to move the mounts into the next steps in the process, I will post a lengthy post via the forum and Instagram. This will discuss a variety of things. Thank you for your patience! Also, thanks Von for telling people… might make a solid marketing guy for Shaka Blocks.

As far as my current solution, I used GFC aftermarket bars. I was able to measure and drill holes in them to mount to the stock bolt mounting locations of the 4runner. I had to use a variety of spacers to make sure the tent was level, and the bars did not rest on the roof as well as buying extended bolts. With my mounts, the tent will be as low as possible. (Insert Low Lil Jon here). If you are interested in the crossbar mounts, I would be happy to send you some photos.

Happy Trails everyone.

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YES! Thats super rad and super exciting. I’m interested in pictures and also very interested in buying some of your mounts whenever they are ready. Thanks man!

I am also interested in buying these mounts.

Also interested in these mounts, does anyone know if they are available now?

I pulled the trigger on this for my 4th gen. After talking to one of the fellas at gfc and with outgear solutions, both parties agreed that this should work. The order has been shipped. I’ll post some photos when its mounted. Then comes the hunt for a used gfc or to use affirm to finance new, most likely.

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