Mounting stuff to beef bars

Just got my GFC installed a few weeks ago… I’m hoping to mount a few existing gear to the beef bars - e.g. roof top box, Yakima bike rack, fishing rod vault. But the existing mounts won’t fit under the bars, and the t-track studs I bought from GFC are too short. Has anyone found alternatives? I saw these on Amazon – they will fit the track but not sure of what load could be handled. Anyone try this or other t-track studs?


I just posted about my frustration with this. I think the solution is really simple. A taller beef rack bracket. Problem solved. Just give us a half inch to an inch taller bracket. That’s all I need anyway. Seems like that would make a lot of us happier campers. I went to the hardware store today and got various bits and bobs like what you posted. But it didn’t solve my problems.

yeah the beef bars seem to be useful for only loading stuff on top (lumber, kayaks) and not accommodating existing racks. Agree the taller bracket for more clearance would solve some of the mounting issues. I was thinking of using the longer t-studs and removing the clamps from the racks and running the studs through to mount on top of the bar. Of course making sure structural integrity is ok with the studs.

Agreed. A half inch would totally solve my problems(more than likely everyones). I spoke with Jedesigns and apparently he made extensions for the old beef rack attachments, but the new aluminum ones do not have extensions yet. Hopefully Jedesigns with make them, Please!

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@RickH did you end up testing these Powertec bolts? Or find an alternate solution?

Hey @zonwick, sorry for the tardy reply. I never used the Powertec bolts for anything with moderate/heavy load. I bought a set of the Yakima mounts from @jedgar and use my old Yakima bars for attaching all of my Yakima kit and fly rod vault. Highly recommend checking out @jedgar 's products!

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