Mounting SuperLite Quick Release to Round Cross Bars (Gobi Stealth Elevation)

Hey everyone. I am finally getting closer to being able to use my Superlite I’ve owned for the better part of a year. I am going to be running the Gobi Stealth rack with Elevation crossbars on my '21 Bronco. I have the Superlite Quick Release kit, but the crossbars are round, and not setup for T-slots. Does anyone have a way to clamp on, or adapt, the round crossbars to mount the quick release kits?


You would need to find a part that has a 1” circle tube to a flat plate style adapter, and then you’ll most likely have to drill holes.

I had a gobi on my 4Runner at the time I bought my Superlite. I realized quickly it was not the right rack for the Jon, and sold it. I have a prinsu rack now, which is a flat style roof rack. They kept everything t very low profile to the roof, which helped a lot with wind noise.

Thank you. That design is another style I was thinking about, and I believe I have most of the parts to put that together. Thank you for confirming the Gobi bar diameter. I asked them for that information, but have not yet heard back. I purchased the GFC extension plates and am planning on modifying those to bolt the quick releases to.

I definitely wish I could go with a lower-profile rack, but I have a soft top and Gobi is the best solution (for now) to add carrying capacity while maintaining most of the soft top functionality.

I will update once I have something put together to, hopefully, help someone else out.

Gzila makes some tube clamps that work nicely. GZila Designs | DIY Tubular Clamps | Buy now!

Do those Gzila round bar attachments for sure work with the quick release setup? I see they give you a flat surface, but can’t tell if the above link will actually work for certain.

I did not try them. I ended up just leaving the tent bolted to the load bars and removing the load bars and tent as an assembly. I don’t need the load bars for anything else, so that works for me.

I only see one attachment hole. I wish there were better photos on their site.

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