Mounting to lfd ruggedized crossbars

Just received my superlite and I’m finding that it’s much harder to mount it to my lfd crossbars that expected. I originally thought I’d be taking it on and off all the time but after attempting to mount I’m thinking I might have to go with the quick release mounts if they’re compatible with lfd. Curious if anyone else out there has mounted to lfd crossbars and if you might have any tips or tricks. Thanks in advance.

I had to get the bracket kit for it since the T-tracks fall in line with my crossbar hardware. It should also make it so installing/uninstalling the tent is easier once done the first time. You could theoretically just keep the bracket kit on your crossbars and only have to deal with the T-bolts every time. Which are much easier to deal with. That may be an option you can think through for your situation to save some money.

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Ok rad, is this the offset bracket kit that you’re referring to? Didn’t cross my mind to potentially leave the brackets on the crossbars.

Yes, that’s the one. I also plan to go to the hardware store and get another set of bolts and nuts so that I can slide them into the T-track and tighten them up against the T-Bolts so that I trap the T-Bolts into the track and know how to align my tent next time I put it on. I didn’t do that this first time, so I’m going to mark the track with a sharpie for now. Then next time I have the tent off I’ll set the bolt trap up using the markings.

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