Mounting to Rhino rack pioneer platform?

How does the superlight mount to a rhino rack pioneer platform?

Depends on your setup, but you should have cross bars under the parallel slats on the rack. If the tent mounting rails do not line up in one of the cavities of those slats, you can remove the slat for access to the cross bar. I have also seen people drill a hole in their rack where they want the mounting bolt to go through, and then access it from the underside.

Something I did in the past with my previous roof tent, was I actually drilled a hole in the bottom of the tent that aligned perfectly with the channel in the slat. I then ran a bolt head through the channel so the bolt is facing up and inserts into the bottom of the tent. I would open my tent to put a washer and nut on the inside of the tent. This held for years and many miles across the country. I liked this setup the most because it was super low profile and easy to get tools on to tighten. It obviously depends on your tent and how it is constructed. If you do something custom, make sure it is done right. You dont want that thing flying off on the highway.

Did you ever figure out a good way to mount onto your pioneer rack? Options are to drill holes through the platform, add cross rails on top, or use the RTT mounts sold by rhino rack. Trying to keep the tent as low profile as possible but don’t really want to drill holes into it.

Just wanted to update this thread on how we mounted the Superlite to the Rhino Rack on our 2015 Jeep Wrangler. I am not sure how GFC could not give me an answer to this since they say this tent works on the pioneer platform, yet could not tell me how it actually mounted. Internet searches told me nothing as well, other than drilling holes in a $1500 rack.

We have the big platform, it’s 72” long. The first and last crossbar actually have a track that goes side to side. All other bars run front to back, which makes the track on those bars unusable for mounting due to the spacing. We ended up using the quick release mounts to mount the tent. However, GFC says the max distance between the quick release mounts is 60”. It was around 68” for our application. Once we mounted the tent we cut a couple pieces of wood to rest in the middle between the tent tracks and the platform rack to give stability to the tent.

We tested it out in Joshua Tree National Park over New Years weekend and it worked great.

Hope this can help any others who run into this issue.