Mounting to Side doors

On My CBI Bedrack I used Suspenz SUP hooks to quick mount my board ( see pic). They are lightweight steel hooks with an integrated strap to hold the board. I was planning to mount them to one of the side panels on my new GFC, they would be reinforced with an Aluminum backer plate on the inside. Total weight is 30# on the door panel. Bad idea, good idea?

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I wouldn’t do it. Too much weight. If you have to, mount to the extrusion using some brackets. That’s my 2 cents…



Agreed - don’t stress out the doors/hinges. I just picked mine up last week (#1238) and added a couple of beef racks up top to slide a few SUP’s up there. I also like GFC706’s idea of using the side extrusion and some brackets as that’s what that system was intended for.

Yes I agree that mounting to the doors is a bad idea. I am short so getting on the roof is not so ideal. I am fabricating some hooks that will mount inside the bed rail and protrude out between the bed frame and the bottom of the GFC. They will hold the weight of the board and then will be strapped to points mounted along the upper side extrusions.