Mounting Yakima bars using artificial rain gutters

I am heading in the direction of mounting Yakima bars on my V2 camper and would like to make sure I’m not missing anything. I already have a pair of 58 inch bars and a bunch of accessories, thus sticking with Yakima. GFC recently stopped making their bar adapters, so I started looking for other options.

Thule makes these 542 artificial rain gutters. $75 for a four pack
Reading various reviews, folks say that you can use these with either Thule or Yakima rain gutter towers.

Yakima still makes these 1a rain gutter towers. $219 for a four pack. They seem out of stock everywhere, but I have some ordered.

Using these bolts and washers from McMaster-Carr
18-8 Stainless Steel Button Head Hex Drive Screws, Black Oxide, ¼”-20x0.5 inch
Black-Oxide 18-8 Stainless Steel Washer for 1/4" Screw Size, 0.281" ID, 0.625" OD

And the ¼ inch track nuts from Gizla

The artificial rain gutter has a rubber gasket which goes between the metal plate and the mounting surface. The only modification I made was to enlarge the bolt holes in the rubber gasket so the neck of the track nut can fit through. This works out well as the rubber thickness seems to be greater than the amount the track nut’s neck protrudes past the T-slot. So you end up with everything tight and flush.

Assuming you are using 58” bars, the total cost for each mounted crossbar, not including hardware, is about $205.

See photos trying out some mounting locations. I will post again once I have the towers. This seems like a reasonable approach to me, but would like to hear any feedback.

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That actually is a great idea… I might have to steal that idea and use it if the bars I ordered don’t ever come in.

@BigMikeOfficial said on the fb group that they still sell the Yakima mounts. Shoot him a message