Mpg with GFC on pickup

what are owners seeing with camper installed in mpg

I went from 20 to 19 mpg on my 2020 Gladiator Rubicon 3.6L.

no change on my 22 Ram 1500 Rebel with the 5.7 on 35s and Fox 2.5 PE lift.
14-15 MPG commute and 18 MPG highway on long distance trips.

Here’s the writeup I did after about a 9500 mile road trip with my custom wind deflector.

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I was getting pretty bad mileage on my 3.6L 2016 Colorado, around 15-16 on the highway with the camper on - tires are 265/70r17. Compared to some other trucks, the colorado has a pretty big gap between the bottom of the camper and the cab, so might be worse in terms of aero there. Added a fairing similar to @globemaster’s and I’m getting closer to 17-18MPG now.

FWIW, tires are bigger than stock and I haven’t taken it to get the speedo calibrated, so those MPG numbers are also ~5% low

I was getting 11L per 100KM previous to install on my 2016 Chevy Colorado, now I’m getting 9L per 100KM, so losing 2L per 100KM

So a loss of about .5 of a gallon per 62 miles.

In my rig I get anywhere from 16 - 30L per 100KM depending on what else I’m hauling. The average works to around 18L/100km. Ironically the best mileage I get with my truck and camper is when I have the canoe on the roof. That’s been the only time I’ve gotten below 16.

Stock 2016 Z71 Colorado (2.8L turbo diesel) I originally got 28-34 mpg highway (varied widely with conditions and lead foot). After a 1.5-2” suspension lift, removing front air dam, 1” larger tire diameter, and a GFC, my highway mpg is down in the 20-25 mpg range. Sorry I can no longer recall if I gauged the fractional difference after just the GFC went on. YMMV, as they say :-).

EDIT - Oh, without a speedo recal due to tire upsize, as mentioned above, my mpg drop isn’t actually quite as bad as the gauge numbers I just stated. But yeah, it’s a decent sized rectangular cross-section blocking the wind, LOL.

I’m getting 10.5 mpg in my Tacoma…must be the GFC.