MTB tailgate pad fitment on a gen. 2 Tacoma

I want to buy a new GFC for my 2014 Gen. 2 Tacoma but before ordering one I want to test my MTB tailgate pad (Thule GateMate Pro) to see if the rear panel will close with my tailgate pad on or if there are any modifications I can do to make it work.

I’m looking for a V2 GFC owner with a Gen. 2 Tacoma (2005 – 2015) in SOCAL/LA area that is kind enough and willing to let me try my tailgate pad on their truck and see how it fits. Do you think you can help?
I would be very grateful and willing to drive to your location.

Thank you and cheers!


It won’t work, at least not well. I had a Raceface pad pre-gfc and eventually moved to a One-up. Sad to see the pad go, but getting bikes in either requires turning them sideways to pass over the tailgate (can’t pull this maneuver with other bikes in there) or closing the tailgate up under the headtube as you push the bike in (nightmare with one bike, never tried it with multiple). I would say get the camper, it’s way cooler than a tailgate pad. You’ll figure out another way to haul your bikes :call_me_hand::call_me_hand:

I could be wrong here, but based on how well the rear hatch seals to the tailgate, there is literally zero chance of the hatch closing and latching over the top of any tail gate pad.

Again, I could be wrong but I know it would not work on the gladiator.

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I had the race face pad before the Thule and the RF pad is thinner.
I thought you can just lower the dropper post and put the bikes in without turning them sideways.
Do you still have to turn them sideways even if your bed is empty?
Not being able to use the tailgate pad is the only thing stopping me from ordering a GFC camper.
my driveway is short and I need the clearance to be able to open my garage door, so a bike rack in the rear is not the best option for me,
It’s hard to let go of the tailgate pad but yes the camper is so cool…

I went to the OL expo west last weekend to see all the truck camper options and yes you are right there is not much of a gap or any adjustability in the hatch seals on GFC (S Pacific gives you a bit of room to adjust the rear hatch seal) I thought about removing the hatch seal on GFC or removing the plastic trim on my tailgate to create the space needed to add a tailgate pad, for now, Im not worried about any water going in the bed.

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Oh yeah that might actually give you the clearance! You could do all that and then just put like a bulb seal on the hatch lip and that might seal against a tailgate pad to keep water out.

I don’t know how putting the bikes in would clash with the gfc but I feel like there is enough room.

You could also just remove the tailgate pad when not in use haha