Murphy #739 Build

Waiting for my GFC, so figured I’d use downtime to build out bed. I don’t overland as much as I just need camper for biking/split boarding and hiking. Copied some other setups in forum with slight modifications.

Requirements for me:
-Fit 4 Snowboards under neath
-kitchen for easy set up
-upper deck for dry storage (clothes, food)

Future adds
-Perhaps a Dometic Fridge on upper deck - Can’t decide how I’d power
-Storage towards back once I have GFC
-Mesh net for blankets/pillows

Tacoma Off-road Short Bed

Did I use a measuring tape? Nope…haha. Will see how it holds up.


Looks good. If it works for you (and it fits!), you did it right!

Pretty simple set up, my favorite kind. As long as it does what you need, you are G2G.

Love that slide out piece!