My 2022 Fall F-150 GFC rig

Here is the YouTube link:

Basically, I insulated the bed under the plywood with foam gym mats, and the side doors with them, too. My usual summer sleeping bag, and a warmer one as well. On a month long camping trip following the fall colors in a loop through Canada and the E Coast, I haven’t used the summer bag yet! But the Buddy Heater is awesome in the GFC. I just keep the back hatch cracked open with my moccasins when I run the Buddy. And I don’t run it when I’m upstairs in my sleeping bag.

Also FYI, I have the Fore Runner wind fairing. Doesn’t seem to make a difference with mileage, but stopped the loud wind whistle noise.

And I used an old belt I made in the 9th grade as a tailgate strap, to pull the gate up. I just cut it to fit the screws on the tailgate already, punched small holes, and screwed it on. Works great to close up from inside.

Always interested to hear feedback and ideas.


Nice! Thanks for the video. I’m curious how you are transporting the propane tank?

that looks like a nice road trip. sick of gravy fries cough poutine yet? looks like you need to do a rear seat delete. safe travels

Um, only in DOT approved methods :joy:.

Seriously, it is a problem I struggle with. Currently still just using Coleman canisters, because any tank takes up more floor space than I want to give it. In the Lightning I could put it in the Frunk. But would have to really be able to cap it off and even then somehow I would want to lock the valve too, or even take the valve handle off. Because high voltage and even a whiff of LP…

So what I will probably do is a backseat, delete, and then have room for my cooler in the cab, the propane in the bed, when I’m traveling, and then propane will go outside when I am actually using it. I still have to put vents in the side of the GFC too, which I wanted anyway, which will make it safer. Then I will keep the Joolca hot water heater and LP fire ring in the trunk.

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I only tried that poutine once for a few bites. It must be an acquired taste :confounded:…… To each their own - I think Ho Chunk muskrat stew and Scandinavian pickled cod are pretty good, and my Danish wife thinks I’m crazy on both counts :joy::joy:

See my prior post just now about rear seat delete. I likely will for my long trips.

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