My dream came sooner than I thought!

I bought my truck back in November of last year. My plan was to own a GFC, but I knew it was going to take years to save up. I needed at least something, so I knew an iKamper would be a good investment until I can save enough to sell it and throw all the money on a GFC. But knowing the GFC would come one day, I started building the back of my Tacoma out for that future plan… even down to the stage 3 Icon leaf springs.

I had no idea that “one day” would be yesterday. Without having the idea of getting a GFC soon on my mind, I woke up last week with something telling me to look for a GFC, so I did. I came across a V2 out in Mississippi loaded with options. He was only asking 5k. I knew what my mission was at that point and instantly put my iKamper for sale. I got in contact with the guy and let him know I’ll do everything I can to get this camper off of him. He gave me a few days to do so, and here we are. I drove 7 hours one way from south Louisiana up to his farm. We got the GFC on, had some great conversation, shared some laughs, and I drove the 7 hours home with a GFC and new friend for life.

I can’t stop looking at my truck now, and I still can’t believe that I own a GFC. I knew it was going to happen, I just didn’t know it was going to be this soon. I’m happy now that I’m part of the GFC family, and not just a visitor on the forum.

So here’s “Odys”, the name which I gave my truck just yesterday after the guy told me about his dog that passed away which he has so many memories of with this camper. I knew the name for my build would come one day, and I couldn’t think of a more perfect time for it.


Lovely setup there, and a great story. I’m not normally into black wheels… but darn if those aren’t just the perfect aesthetic and would also go with my silver/black rig!


You have a nice looking truck there, color scheme looks great. Congrats.

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