My homemade gfc storage with gear for a 2 month ski trip

The wood storage box I actually purchased used from someone off Craigslist, and bolted to the bed of the truck so it doesn’t move around.

I added a few boat cleats which I drilled Into the top panel that let me ratchet strap down my water, the cooler and a storage box. I also made my own web netting by cutting up some Walmart webbing and removing the standard gfc bolts and adding some little clamps that the bungees run through.

Final step will be installing a Chinese clone diesel heater in a couple weeks when it arrives!

For snowboards I just have the GFC beef bars with a Thule sliding rack on top


Very nice! Reminds me of…mine!


Looks good. Where you headed to on your trip?

All over the place haha. Utah, bend, Bozeman, jackson, whistler, Rossland, Nelson, and Revelstoke! Not necessarily in that order.

Enjoy your trip…. I am in rossland, we have been in a bit of a snow drought! Nelson has gotten a shit ton more….be sure to pop in to rossland beer company,(unique little place, ) and for the ladies…out of the cellar…coffee at the “Grind” or7 summits roasters… just a bit of beta on my local stomping grounds, ski hill has no dedicated camping but lots do…. If you tour and are at red mountain, our slack country is amazing…and relatively safe….enjoy your trip, and safe ravels

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Sounds like a hell of a trip! I was just in some of those areas of BC, you can camp at both Red and Whitewater for free. If you need places to camp around Utah or Whistler hit me up, happy to share some of my spots.

@dfinn Headed to Whistler in the next few weeks. Any insight on camping around there would be great if you are willing to share!