My interior finish out

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So I installed a 5 foot 8in campncar tall bunk over a nomadic kitchen pull out storage. This allows me to trans port 2 bikes on the left, have a lower level sleeping space of 69x 53, storage in wheel wells and top of pantry

Going to put the Ecoflow River 2 max pro in the corner and us it to run lights, fan, phones, electic cooking when inside the camper

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Im liking the build.
You have a long drawer pull out on the bed?

Nice work :clap::clap:

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yes the drawer is I think 59 inch long, fits under the modular lower sleeping area. Nomadic Kitchens has several different set ups that you can choose from. We did this one so we can load the E bikes on the other side


So today I finished the side panel insulation with 3mm refective foam double aluminum sides by US energy products. Measured cut to fit between gaskets and the applied some peel and stick wall paper. Indications are reflecting 97% of radiant heat. All days next week are over 100°

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Who makes the bags you have mounted on the MOLLE panels? And are those a custom panel or something off-the-shelf that you’ve got modified? Looks like they’re held on just with two of the accessory wellnuts locations?

Grayman tactical fiberglass molle. Usin 2 accessory nuts and velcrow. I put some foam blocks between the panels to firm it up. The 4 bags are made in Alaska by small shop called firsttracksac on instagram