My V2 thoughts on my powerwagon

I will have to look into the Gorilla ladder. We have the side doors and an extendable ladder if we want to use that route, but we specifically wanted to be able to use the inside route because my wife hates ladders. And yeah, it is tall. Standing on my decked system it was still a stretch to roll up my back window just now. After a week plus living in it I am getting used to it.

my wife is short and pushing 60 yoa and she said the ladder is way easier than going up from inside. We had a free spirit trailer top tent on a small trailer and it was a much shorter climb up and my wife hated that but this she said was not a problem at all. the ladder from GFC is very secure and wide. my buddy just bought a James Baroud the ladder is narrow and his wife hates it.

My wife is vertically challenged too. We’ll see how it goes, she has not camped with me in it yet. Plus we have 2 very spoiled dogs that will not be happy if they don’t get to sleep up there too.

we sleep with our dog up there as well lol… I stand on the tail gate and lift him up inside.

I have been thinking about vinyl wrapping mine silver to help with the heat. I agree the sides get crazy hot.

Looks great!

Excited to pick my V2 up for my 20’ PW in a few weeks!

I put the amp research step on my truck and it’s been great. It tucks up tight under the bumper when not in use and makes it very easy to get in and out of the truck. Would highly suggest it if you guys are looking for another option without having to carry extra gear.

Those PW’s have always caught my eye and love them look of them, you guys all have some great looking rigs! Nice to see more full-size rigs out there enjoying the outdoors.



Do you have a picture of how tight it tucks up? We go some insane places and I literally have to get my tailpipe bobbed so it doesn’t hit rocks.

It tucks up nice and tight!


Another GFC equipped Power Wagon owner. Great combination, IMO. 2019 PW, #838 V1.5 GFC here.

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The reason we bought one is because my wife was coming home from shopping and saw a V1 on a powerwagon in traffic. She said look up GFC, and we put our deposit down the next day.

Hi there. I take delivery in July and have a Ram 2500 6.4 Hemi - I am curious what awning you’re running. I have pretty much decided on the Shadow 270 from Alucab but here it’s a PITA to mount so am still looking at options… Thanks!

We use an ARB awning. It’s simple and allows us to use the awning room. And it was cheap!