Need a hand-...-dle? Add handles!

I used the 1/4 track nuts from gzila

And your choice of 1/4-20 3/4 bolt. I used these

Use medium thread locker.

One note: the handles will need a little material removed in order to sit flush with the GFC t track. Which i recommend as it will be a lot stronger and less likely to damage the t track with weight. About an 1/8 inch from the inner diameter plastic hole, using a half inch cutting wheel on a Dremel. I’ll post a picture in the next post.


These handles are a tad bit expensive. I picked up a pair of them off Amazon for $15 so $24 for one that’s a little high.

Amazon link:
Camp’N -2 Piece- All Weather…


Yep those are the ones I got and they are pretty dang strong.