Need advice on weight capacities!

I’m getting a lot of mixed responses on static weight limits. I have a first gen dcsb taco with a standard snug top xtravision topper. I’m hoping to mount a superlite on top. Snugtop says their limit is 180lbs STATIC. I was gonna put Yakima crossbars on to the topper and maybe a third bar over the cab to distribute more weight and take some weight off the canopy and even add bed stiffeners. Now with two adults in the tent, the topper wouldn’t be able to hold it according to snugtop but it m having trouble believing that rating…

So has anyone else put a rtt on their standard topper and survived or do all of you guys run heavy duty toppers or bed racks?

  1. you don’t want to connect the RTT to the cab and the topper because of the flex in the frame of the truck

  2. Snugtop knows their product design and engineering. so I’d go with what they say. I personally wouldn’t want to wake up by falling through the roof

Remember there is static (vehicle stationary) load rating and then there is dynamic load rating. Typically load ratings (ie your topper) are based on when you are driving (dynamic). The dynamic load rating will be much lower than the static load rating. Static load ratings are generally higher. I am not familiar with your snugtop topper but 180 static seems low. Generally speaking, the dynamic load rating can be increased by a multiple of 3 to get an idea of your static load rating.

You also have to factor in the load ratings of the aftermarket rack (load bars) installed on your topper that your tent will attach to. And technically the weight of the rack is part of the load rating equation.

Driving off road vs on road also is something to factor in.

Personally…this is one reason why I went with the GFC. I didn’t have to worry about this.