Need Build Spot May-June 2021

Moving across the country and leaving job at end of May. Will have to live out of my 2012 F150 for awhile and see a GFC as my deliverance if I could have one on the truck when I leave. My dog will be grateful, too! Thank you!

Welcome to the forum! Just as an FYI, spots come up for sale but they typically sell within minutes. Additionally, because you are wanting a build that is coming up quickly, you’ll likely have to pay a premium (well above just paying someone for their deposit). People with spots coming up either ask just for their deposit back (which those go in minutes literally) or ask for their deposit plus an additional $500-$1500 just for their spot and they still go pretty quick. Best of luck!

Hi Danny,

Thanks for your advice. I’m new to the Forum, but I saw enough offers on build sales or swaps that I thought I might have a chance. If nothing pans out, I’ll probably end up entering my deposit in the next week or so in order that I don’t have to wait even longer. The problem I foresee with housing is immediately after I quit my job in May, not by August, and that’s why I was trying to see if anyone would sell his build place.

Thanks again!


Didnt mean to be a debbie downer but spots just go insanely fast and its who is lucky enough to have been online when one is posted. Its certainly possible…you just gotta be on the site a lot throughout the day. Best of luck!!

You weren’t being a downer, just real. I appreciate that.