Need Custom Mattress

UPDATE! As of October, 2023, all new orders of the Platform Camper, Platform RTT, and all those currently in production now ship with our new Turbo-Nap Sleep System mattress included. We spent more than a year developing the Turbo-Nap mattress and we think it’s hands-down the most comfortable mattress on the truck camper market.

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Looking for custom memory foam mattress pads for camper. Not concerned that foam will harden in colder temps. Open to ideas on other types of foam. Not looking to add to stock mattress but to completely replace with best available material for space available.


We got a 3" cooling memory foam topper from Walmart (I think) and custom cut to sizes to match the Airstream Basecamp cushions — game changer in there. I assume something similar would be ideal in the GFC however with 3" on top of the panels that may be too tight of a fit.

I completely removed the mattress set up the goal was to create more space to store bedding, and options for sleeping or working,
I created detachable foam pads fit individually each section attached white Velcro to the corners so that I could move them around as desired.these mats double as close cell mats on the ground if desired when sleeping outside and to protect the air mattresses I used
TPE Yoga mats 1/2 thick tough non-toxic no chemical odor like neoprene or other foam.
Next I used 2 Exped mega 10 air mattresses
One LXW and one LX the widths make a perfect fit. I will find out this form that many people use the Duo two person mat but I prefer the options of having two mainly because I don’t always sleep in the tent, depending on the conditions.
Set up, also gave me a great deal more storage for the bedding and other items, and made it very simple and easy to close the lid of the tent with these items ready to go.

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Yes that’s the comfort level I’m looking for. I currently run a foam mattress on top and it’s very tight to close. Ideally I’d like a singular memory foam mattress which would allow room for down filled bedding to remain inside when closed.

I replaced all of my pads with 2 of these Sea to Summit Comfort Plus Self-Inflating Foam Sleeping Pad for Camping (in the winter I also toss a folding closed cell foam pad under to increase the R rating) my back thanked me and I have more room to leave sleeping gear up top and the 30 seconds of blowing them up a bit at setup doesn’t bother me none.

See my recent post on the subject.