Needed parts for a V2 platform on a first gen Tacoma

I’m considering traveling to pickup a used GFC V2 platform camper for my 2002 Tacoma with a 6 foot bed. The camper is currently on a 3rd generation Tacoma. In the research i have done on here, it looks like i will need to purchase a new rear panel/door as well as specific clamps to attach it to the truck, as mine does not have tracks on the bed rails. Is there anything else i would need to get? How wonky will the current panel fit on my older Tacoma (mostly i am wondering if there will be a gap at the bottom or if the door panel is too tall)? Is there a way to jerry rig clamps to make it work for the drive home (clamps from GFC wouldn’t arrive in time for me to pick it up). Looking at a photo of the connection, the clamps on my current shell likely won’t work. Thanks for any help you all can give.

I don’t know about the door but it seems like you could just bungee it closed regardless.

For the clamp I attached a graphic of how the GFC clamp works. The red parts are the existing GFC, black is your truck bed, and green would be what you’d need to make work similar to how the GFC clamps work. Obviously pretty rough and there may be a better way but hope this helps you visualize what you may need to do.

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Thanks a lot. Do you know the length of the blue line or the diameter of the screw to its right? I was thinking I could drill a small hole in my bedrails and attach it with an L bracket.

Like jedgar said, you could jerry rig it with just a piece of steel or aluminum plate with a hole in it and some washers, where that green L bracket is.The GFC version is just a nice, more adjustable machined aluminum piece. But it really is just two pieces of maybe 3/8" thick aluminum bolted together before being bolted to the lower red bracket. An L profile is not really necessary for short term. I would definitely leave the lower red bracket vs recreating it with an L. The lower red bracket should have a slot to slide the horizontal bolt up and down. You can kinda see the horizontal bolt slot it in this pic.

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Just got an email from GFC:

“That camper is not compatible as the 1st gen Tacoma is narrower than the 3rd gen Tacoma, thus meaning that camper will not fit between the two models. We do not recommend putting that camper on your truck because the Camper will be too wide for that truck.”