New 3rd gen Tacoma SB Camper ready for install

I ordered this in January and was set to have it installed March 31st. My truck was totaled and I’m not sure when I will get a new truck. Camper is finished and ready for install. Black camper, stone tent, F + R windows. Total was $8275. Selling $8000. Email if interested. Save time and a few bucks and be ready for the spring.

To clear things up my truck was totaled before I picked up the camper. It is built and waiting to be installed at GFC.

Hey there, just curious; have you paid in full? How would a transfer work? would I be paying you the total amount or would it be pay you deposit + pay GFC directly for the remainder?

It is paid in full. You would pay me, we email GFC and let them know it was sold to you, they will then set an install date with you.

Sorry for the late reply @Cyclocross4 , it’s not that I don’t trust you, but I have concerns about doing such a transaction with no guarantee on install timelines or recourse with GFC.

If there was a way for me to pay directly to GFC and have a guaranteed install date I think I could make this happen. Have you contacted them to see if this could be possible? i.e. I pay them/get install, then they refund you?

Is this still available?

Just get a group email going with all parties involved confirming the transaction and install date.