New Accessory: The Lock Locker


Announcing the Lock Locker - a simple way to store your Reese Towpower locks while camping.

The UMF Lock Locker is a place to keep the Reese Towpower lock on your GFC. I offer it in a pair, or individually as a left and right hand model.

The Lock Locker is manufactured in Los Angeles, California. Made from carbon fiber reinforced polymer, it is UV resistant, matte finish, and strong as hell. I machine the custom T-nuts in-house, and even had custom stainless screws made with a special nylon patch to prevent them from vibrating loose.

The Lock Locker comes with everything you need to install (a 3mm hex key), and nothing you don’t.

Buy yours here from Use More Force



Solid idea. Love this.
If i needed a lock i would buy it, might anyways for safety.

Really into the thought and the design.

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This is awesome. I can’t wait to get mine!

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Thanks for your support! I will be shipping all orders on Monday. Can’t wait.

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Looks like a way to eventually kill your tent lock by storing it in the dust and weather rather than in the truck cab or inside the GFC. Big problem the lock fails to open on the tent.

I hear ya, but to be fair, when the lock is in use, it is ALSO outside in the dust and weather.

My locks are almost constantly on the camper, and only get removed while camping, so it’s a small percentage of the time that they would be in the cab or my pocket - majority of the time they’re out in the elements.

Since it’s the standard T-nut mount, you could put it inside like this, but I’m not seriously suggesting anyone mount it this way.


Cool thing about this accessory (and all accessories) is nobody needs to buy it unless they like the idea. Thanks for the feedback!

Well, Hoss, I only use my tent lock when parked and when me and Strum Ruger are not around to repel bandits and boarding parties.