New Aluminum Front and Rear Camper/RTT Crossbars

Since some people have asked and some have shared, so I wanted to give you all a run down on the new aluminum crossbars we use on the camper in place of the “frame color-matched” steel crossbars.

The new aluminum crossbars come in a durable black coating that closely resembles the tent extrusion. There were a lot of reasons for this. Processes in powder coating, durability of the coating on a high use item, exceptional powder coat “coating” and adhering.

The aluminum crossbar has a long channel the entire length of the crossbar on the bottom to allow for water/debris expulsion. This paired with the fact that it is aluminum should negate any sort of rust issue. That being said, using the recommended T9 Boeshield inside of the aluminum crossbar will help in keeping it free of debris as well. This will maintain use of operation!

The hardware itself remains the same to include the Delrin pins that lock the camper into place. The main difference aside from coloring and material is that the new crossbar is an extruded piece of aluminum that is press fit into place like the older steel bar but is also bolted to the tent extrusion using our extrusion t-nuts and corresponding hardware.

Here are some photos of the new Aluminum Crossbars:

If you have any questions please feel free to ask!


In the vein of preventative maintenance… even if I’ve personally had no issue with rust, (yet?), should we have the aluminum bars sent out anyway?


These are technically an upgrade item so unless there is a warranty issue we cannot just send out the aluminum bars. The vast majority of our customers with the steel bars have not had issues at all. We do have the bars available and they can be sent out quickly if need arises but this is not an item that would just “fail” all of a sudden so it does not absolutely have to be replaced. I have the OG long bed Tacoma camper with steel bars and have had zero issue with preventative maintenance.

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With preventative maintenance in mind, mine went from working without any issue one night to no longer being able to open the next night. It involved a lot of frustration, hammering to get loose, bending locking pins, etc. I’d definitely keep it well maintained or just spring for the new crossbars, I think you really only need the rear to maintain functionality.

what is the procedure for changing the crossbar ? I need to change mine, as rust is coming through the powder coat.
I may change the front as well, although it is in perfect shape, being near new.
cheers, Ken

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A how to was posted in that section by @Mike_GFCUSA