New Dakota Lithium Dual Battery Build

Finally got around to upgrading my electrical system. I swapped out my previous solar powered deep cycle battery for a new Dakota Lithium 100AH. This is being powered by a Redarc BCDC 1225D (alternator) and a 100w Renogy solar panel. I also installed a Victron BMV-712 Smart to monitor everything and keep any eye on the battery output.

Inside the GFC I mounted an Auxbeam 6 gang switch panel to control all of my accessories from the panel or through bluetooth. 4 gauge wire was used for the power supply and grounds. Overall, I am super stoked with how the build came out. Everything is working great and constantly topping off the battery.


what is the name of the junction box in the last pic?

Its the arb fridge kit and then an amazon 12v switch panel.

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thanks! I need to access that outlet since I covered it with my Decked system and forgot to pop open the door lol

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Nice work. I have the same list of components. They’re all rock solid.

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Can you run the AuxBeam without the ACC wire?

I believe you need to have it. I wired it to the dakota lithium accessory so the panel is always backlit

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