New Forum Font?!

Are others seeing a new font as a default as well? If so, thoughts?

I find it incredibly difficult to look at the new font for more than a few minutes without a headache.


Yep, I see it also.

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Yup, same here. It’s fine for me, just different…

They are currently working on some forum items. I’d guess it will all be ironed out by the end of today


Well, that was quick, haha. @Buhlockaye is correct tho, I’m just experimenting a bit and working on display functionality/ appearance this week, so thanks the patience as we do our thing.

I agree that the last option wasn’t the most readable font choice, but I’m a fan of this one for a bit until I land on an ideal combo.

Change is scary sometimes, but trust that I’ll make sure everything looks solid in the end.


Appreciate the quick response and would agree the latest combination seems to be more optically palatable!

Have you considered sourcing feedback (via polls?) from the community for any of the UI/UX changes? For example, I’d love to see the right column on the homepage go back to the latest/recent posts versus Top posts (which seem to be older). My two cents.

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This newest one is nice. I like that the logo changed at the top. My vote is for whatever this message is.


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Interestingly, the new font is only showing on Chrome or chrome-based browsers. Firefox and Librewolf both show the old font. Now don’t ask me why…

I’m seeing the new font on my iPhone.

@rbm_1189 you might want to clear your cache, as that could be a browser specific issue. Hopefully that clears things up to showcase the new font (Montserrat), but sometimes FireFox and other less used browsers can have differences in appearance.

@MBBME - I’ve thought about sourcing insights through polls, and while it could be helpful in some scenarios, I’d rather not complicate something quick and simple like this. In regard to the top page/ home page, I’m going to test the current setup for awhile and reevaluate accordingly. The reason for the switch is also pretty simple… the marketplace category is helpful for some, but it often dominates the “latest” topics list, and there is already an option to view the latest within the top bar (as seen below).

That said, it’s not my ideal path forward and I’m 100% open to feedback for anyone who wants to send me a direct message with suggestions. Keep in mind that the forum is primarily for community, but some potential customers also use it for quick insights and research, hence why the most popular topics are currently listed. Doing what I can to make this for everyone.

I’m also somewhat limited by Discourse’s functionality/ settings (the open source software that supports this forum), but I’m learning more about some API opportunities and other possible work arounds. Really appreciate everyone’s support and patience as we continue to improve.


New font is :fire:everything looks…bigger?

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Did we change the font again today? Why do I feel like it looks different from last night when I posted?

@enjoitheride - It sure did, and this is where it will stay. Montserrat + Roboto (headings + body) to match the branding of our website.

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:frowning: Dang

@Nolgore - Sorry to bum you out, dude. If font size is the issue, most browsers have appearance settings to change the size to something more readable for you. There are also some solid apps & extensions out there that can help with that and color blindness as well.


I was hoping for wingdings :rofl::melting_face:

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