New GFC Location | Now Serving the PNW

Did you know we just launched a new partner shop for PNW customers?

The Mountain Standard is a high end van builder located in Scappoose, OR just outside of Portland. Along with van builds they also have an installation center which they will use to facilitate the installation of GFC campers, toppers and tents. With their current commitment to excellence in customer service and product installation, it was a no brainer to team up with them to support our PNW customers.

The Mountain Standard will be a full service facility for GFC customers and potential customers. With an installation set-up, service shop, and product displays they will be able to not only service and install GFC products, but also allow potential customers to view the product!

We’re stoked to be working with their team, and if you have questions about installation or service through their shop, give our team a shout.

For info on our other locations, click here!


Such great news :call_me_hand:t3:

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That’s awesome to hear!

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Hilarious timing, I’m driving from Portland to Montana next week for my install.

Super stoked to have these folks nearby for any future GFC work I need though. Also looked into them after hearing about this, they might be on the hook for my solar setup.


Montana is beautiful right now - you won’t be disappointed with the drive out!


Hello, looking at the website under ordering it appears that each one of your locations charges different price to install? Some charge a lot more than others.

The Scappoose is loose!


Hey @Jmyers - Great question! The prices you shared do have the installation fee baked in, but most of the weight accounts for the logistics of our shipping/ delivery partner. Often times, a higher price is associated with mileage, but it also has to do with how close the nearest distribution center is to the final destination.

The semi-trucks that leave our facilities carry three full trailers, thus becoming a “road train” or “triple trailer” hauler. These trucks eventually reach a distro center and transfer the trailers and continue their journey to the install location of your choice.

If you’re curious around more details, give us a call.

Will they also do things like the “installation” of the new water intrusion prevention protocols or what have you? Maintenance and repairs, etc.

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@PRob - They sure will! Any service needs including the water intrusion update can be handled by our partner shops. To get that scheduled, you’ll need to reach out to our team first at or via a Service Request Form. Then we’ll coordinate things with the closest shop and get you taken care of.

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Maybe i should butt out as mine is on my truck in VA… why is Scappoose so much? Compared to others that are further/ closer away…

@Casablanca - No worries, that’s due to the logistics involved, as explained above. We don’t determine the routes or interchanges, and it’s all controlled by our shipping partners. They do all they can to keep rates fair as possible as well.

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Honestly, still worth it. :love_you_gesture: