New GFC owner (Texas to Utah & back)

I drove from Texas to Utah to purchase this awesome GFC for my 2009 Dodge Ram 1500.

It was such a beautiful drive and so much fun camping all the way home. I’m looking forward to building out some drawers/benches in the bed.

One thing I’m shocked by is how great the truck drives and handles with the GFC. I figured power and handling would go down, but I can’t really feel the GFC when driving.


Congrats on the new camper! That’s a great setup!

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Looks like it belongs on that truck nice setup man!!

I think with V2, this optional wind panel was no longer necessary.

I was originally looking for a V2, primarily for the weight savings, but I found and fell in love with this V1… now that I have it I really appreciate the steel frame of the V1. I think it’s about 70 pounds heavier, but it’s gotta be stronger than the V2- probably overkill, but it’s nice to know it’s built like a tank and I never have to worry about extra bolts on the V2 potentially coming loose.

I’m really glad I have the V1, although all versions are amazing!

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