New GFC! San Diego to Belgrade Montana

Just made the trip to Belgrade to get my V2 platform camper!! Camped in it all the way back down and wanted to know what you do about the condensation when it’s cold?? I’ve read opening the windows which helped and adding a fan also. Any other tips would be great! Thanks :call_me_hand:t4:


Nice truck!!
I’ve had good luck opening the windows. I also have a USB fan that I use when its warm or if I’m concerned about condensation. Seems to help in both scenarios.

I affix it to the screen using a magnet on both sides of the screen. That way I can move it around wherever I want on the screen. Also it packs away when I don’t need it…


Nice! Ok cool. Thank you! :call_me_hand:t4:

The other fix is the diesel heater - blows DRY warm air into the tent, destroying condensation inside!

I see. Ok thanks for the info. :+1:t4: