New GFC video (First night in Go Fast Camper)

Cool new video from GFC:

They specifically mention and show that the V2 camper can be closed up with sleeping bags and pillows inside. Sweet.


And nalgene bottles, seems there is quite a bit more room in v2 when closing the tent.


Well, there may be room in my V1 tent for two stuffable bags and thin pillows if one doesn’t use any extra padding underneath, but I seriously doubt it. The V2 may be roomier when closed or the tent material is lighter or there’s something that’s not being disclosed here. I have not found that any comfortable amount of sleep stuff can be closed into my V1 tent. Also, that V2 tent didn’t have side doors, those take up space and limit bedding storage. The video conveniently cut to closing the latches without any stuffing and re-stuffing and re-stuffing, etc. Don’t get me wrong, I love my V1 GFC, but that video doesn’t represent my V1 experience. Stuffing is normal for my tent. I have a bedding bag that gets put in the truck for transport. The 2" V1 padding is ok, but requires some extra padding to be comfortable. Not sure if the V2 has different padding from my V1. I’m just saying that your experience may vary based upon a number of different individual variables. When V2 GFC owners figure out their GFC happy place, it may be different from what is shown in the video. I don’t know exactly. And, no, I’m not some downer Darren. I love my GFC. I just feel the need to keep it real.



That whole bit about not waking up the person next to you… Not realistic. At least not for me.


Yeah, I’m not getting my hopes up too much. But it was surprising to see them advertise the V2 holding bedding given how difficult that is in the V1. That’s also a good point about the side doors; I hadn’t thought about that and will definitely be getting the side doors on my GFC.

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