New guy from AZ

Hey everyone,

Been talking about getting GFC for a few years now and today finally placed my order for one. I’m super excited to finally make the leap. The bad news is I wont be picking it up in Belgrade until late next summer. I have been trying to convince the wife to pick up and leave the desert for Montana and figured a late summer trip would be the best time to get her to fall in love with the state as she is definitely a warm weather fan. Little did i know she would see some videos and fall in love with the place.

Edit forgot the specs
Black panels no windows
Tangerine tent with side doors

Current plan is a 2 week road trip from AZ to see some parks get the install done then check out some different towns/areas for potential future home.

2 nights Jackson Wy for Grand Teton NP
3 nights Yellowstone
Stop at GFC for install on way to Glacier
1 night St Mary for Glacier NP
1 night Kalispell
5 nights in Bitterroot Valley to look at the area and properties.

Base build so far
2018 Tacoma TRD Offroad DCSB premium package
Current mods
2.5 Fox extended travel DSC front and rear
Icon RXT leaf pack currently stage 1 will swap out to stage 2 prior to the trip and install
275/70-17 Toyo Open Country RT Trails on
SCS Ray 10s in Gold finish
RCI engine and trans skid
Planned RCi sliders
Hidden Cali Raised 2 row light bar
Rigid Sae Fogs( will be switching to BD yellow soon)

Originally bought the truck as a way for me to get to the remote trailheads of the Arizona Trail as i was section hiking it. Unfortunately an on trail injury and subsequent ankle surgery sidelined me and i started truck camping and offroading more during my recovery and my needs/ wants have evolved over time. Since then have put about 6000+ out of the trucks 39k miles as dirt miles all over AZ and a little bit of UT

Anyway look forward to getting the install done and build out started as i love the fact the GFC platform is basically a starting point for you to build out to your needs.

Here’s a few from recent adventures


I’m in Missoula so close to the Bitterroot Valley. I have a ton of amazing spots saved!


Awesome were super excited to check it out. Since this trip is primarily to sell the wife i went maximum comfort and we booked hotel or airbnb vs my preferred option of camping but I’m hoping we make the move and I’ll get the chance to get into the backcountry

We’re initially targeting Stevensville/Hamilton area

Welcome to the party! :call_me_hand:t3:

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The time between placing the order and the install date is so painful. This forum provided the group therapy I needed to stay sane while I waited. The installation is almost anti-climactic as it is done so quickly, and so easily.

There are a ton of well-built rigs, and many have done the trial and error so almost any modification you want to do will have someone to help guide you.


It does suck for sure especially since I’m the one causing most of the wait with our trip plan. Honestly if Belgrade was an 8-10 hour drive vs 20 something hours I’d probably consider a separate trip to get it sooner.

At this point i look at it like an ATF form 4 wait since I’m used to those :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

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There is National Forest west of Glacier that has dispersed camping on the Flathead so you can avoid the rat race of getting a spot. It’s a super short drive back into the park and avoids the main gates. Let me know if you want a pin.

Edit: Just realized St Mary is on the opposite end of Glacier.

Yeah well be entering the park from the east enterance of going to the sun road. Hopefully have a little less traffic going that route and be able to hit most of the stops especially the hikes out of the visitor center up on the pass plus no vehicle permit required to enter from the east


Hey Hunter i finally realized who you are wanted to say thanks your YouTube helped my wife warm up to the GFC idea still a work in progress but she no longer hates the idea of camping

Also wanted to ask about any scenic light duty offroading in the Bitterroot valley area. Maybe a chill road up to a fire tower for some views or something similar? Since we’ll have 5 days in the valley world be nice to check out some back country.


St Mary’s Peak would have a fire tower but would require hiking the rest of the way up to it!