NEW Light Kit for V2 Tacomas w/ Baja Designs or KCHilities

This kit is using (4) KC Hilities Cyclones but Baja Designs dome lights are optional!

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Are you able to dim them? I have some cyclones in the bed and with my Trigger Switch panel when I dim them they flash and then turn off.

If you wire this kit to a dimmer switch, then yes they can be dimmed but these are (4) Cyclones with clear lenses if they are to bright KC offers replacement diffused lenses for these lights.

We will offer clear or diffused white KC cyclones

Awesome thanks for the info. Must be my Tigger acting weird. :+1:

How much? Where can you order from

Just sent you a PM :+1:t2:

How much is this kit?

How did your wire up that one on the white bed honeycomb base? Did you drill through it and have the wires up top under the mattress?