New Logo, new clamps, what else?

I saw on one of the Overland Expo West videos that GFC has a nifty new logo on the side of the campers and they briefly mentioned new clamps. I’m assuming these are instant changes to units going into production. Anyone else notice anything new with the platform campers? Hey @Thomas …due tell!

Hope everyone is having a safe weekend out there…


Yo wuddup @PDX_Keith! Good eye catching some of the new components we included on the debut of the Chase Rack and 8’ model campers. Anything new on those products were prototypes so nothing official yet. We will make the announcement if/when those make it to the final product!


I liked the new logo versus the stickers. Put em on mine! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::joy:


They also just announce a restart of the white glove service. I got mine a couple of months ago and paid full freight and had to find 4 guys to install it myself. The White glove service is less than half the trucking price although you may have to wait longer to get scheduled. I should have waited…

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When I reached out about shifting to white glove I was told it’s only available for new purchases. Oh well, would have saved me a few hundred and four days of driving. Still stoked, 24 more days.

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