New screens

so I found this really nice couple in Florida on their Etsy site and they made some side bug screens for me. They are very simple and velcro into place. I had them made a little loose so that I can put my frame bags on when they arrive this week. These can be left on or taken off everytime. To leave them on I just undo the spot where the side panels latch. Creates simple bug free space. I elected not to do the back panel because I have a screened room with floor and rain fly if I need it by Tailveil. I dont think they have photos on their web yet but they will soon and here is their link.

Sunroof Bug Screen Guard Prevents Bugs and Leaves From - Etsy


This is super cool. I need info----
So i place my order and just tell them its for a GFC?
What was the cost?

Could we get a pic looking at the rear of the truck, GFC open with the big screen in place. Curios how that works?

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Was it $50 per panel? How much was it in total?


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the cost is higher than $50 which is shown for the small square. I think it will be #100+ per shade. You will need to give her measurements including corner to corner. The chevy silverado measurements are already complete. But as you know the gfc and gfc xl are all different based on the truck.

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I did not make a rear screen

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Im in a 2022 Silverado 5 foot 8 bed, myself. What size bed are you rocking?

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same here. her email is and her name is Sandra. You can tell her Terry gave you her email.


that’s awesome!!

Placed my Order with with Sandra today.
Big one up to @TReitz

First - becuase this is freaking awesome. Especially for bugs in Central and Coastal VA.

Secondly- because you’re rocking a Silverado with the same bed length.

I am so pumped on these. Should arrive in a week or so…


happy for you

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Those look 100x better than the hack job I did making mine that way using material from an old kitchen tent. :joy:

Hey Tom.

Check this spot out.

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I too have been wanting screens as my wife is allergic to mosquitoes (no joke). My ADD mind wouldn’t let someone else do something for me so I came up with a cheap, $50 screen solution.

Screen roll from Home Depot $25
Good ol fashion roll of duct tape 4” $5
Velcro Roll $20

Cut the screens, edged the screens with the duct tape, used crazy glue to stick the Velcro to the screen. The adhesive on the Velcro let go in the heat. Sewing didn’t work due to the adhesive on the tape and Velcro, needle kept binding.

And voila……


Solid ‘Red’ Green on that one! That’s the beauty of DIY it’s not always all about looks when the goal is function :call_me_hand: