New to me GFC V1

Thanks to Facebook marketplace. I am now the owner of a V1 camper!

This post/question goes out to the other V1 camper owners here… As a new owner is there anything I need to know about my camper as I prepare to use it?

Panel hinges & tent material(V1.5) have already been updated, ordering a new bed seals & a replacement tailgate seal(coming from a gen 3 to a gen 2).

thx in advance for any info!

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I’ve been very happy with my V1. Not huge differences from the V2. Struts are outside rather than inside and frame is steel so rust has been noted by some users. That’s all I can think of at the moment. Other’s will likely fill in on things I left out.

Is the picture your truck or the seller’s? Wondering what’s going on between the cab and forward overhang of the tent.


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that is my truck… the seller has a Rigid light bar mounted on the front of the camper.

Congrats looks great! V1s are way cooler with the steel space frame! Nothing you need to do to it other than enjoy!