New upgrades?

Anybody heard anything about the new upgrades coming? Somebody mentioned in the GFC Reddit forum about receiving an email recently. Light kit, headliner and more apparently coming on their July build. I’m hopefully picking up a camper for my R1T. Anxious to hear more!

I saw that thread and immediately came here to see if there were any leaks.


I’d be so annoyed if that was the case. I was an original August install date but got it moved to May. haha :laughing: oh well.

Well, this is going to be interesting. Headliner would be cool. I already have lights installed, but interested in what they might show. By catch kit, do they mean for the bedding?

Headliner would be really nice!!!

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I’m always back and forth on it. I think it would be nice for condensation control. Then, I change my mind because I really enjoy the dim light that comes through the top. To me, it’s very inviting and relaxing.


I agree I actually like the brightness it provides.


Has anyone realized that when you get in the camper and turn on lights at night, especially if you point the light up, all the bugs are attracted to the ceiling, and just sit there, because it’s bright, then you take a rag and wipe it, boom, all the bugs dead! I love this ceiling.

New to the Forum but I’ve been lurking for a few months and waiting to create an account until I received my camper. I ordered in early February with a mid-July install date.

I’m not associated with the mentioned Reddit post but can confirm a similar email. Just prior to announcement of the recent $1000 off sale I received the below email from GFC about the upgrades. I kept it under wraps not wanting to interfere with their marketing campaign for the sale, but I’ve been curious about when more info would be released by GFC.

" Hello there!

We know you missed the sale, but don’t fret! We have a few things in store for you that we are pretty excited about. Below are details about a few new upgrades that we will be launching shortly, that will be included in your build.

Integrated Lighting Kit

  • 4X 70cm dimmable and red/white switchable light bars in the lower space frame of the camper.
    • Attached to the space frame on each side.
  • 1X 100cm dimmable and red/white switchable light bar in the tent area, independently switchable from the lower lights
  • Note: Will require 12V power.


  • Removable, marine carpet headliner that mounts to the inside of the camper roof.
  • Keeps sunlight out and reduces the effects of condensation.

Integrated Bedding Catch

  • Stretch mesh “hammock” on the bottom of the transform-a-floor squares to hold bedding, jackets, etc.

We’re psyched on these upgrades and hope you are too! Feel free to contact us at support@gfcengineering or (406) 303-5181 with any questions of concerns."

I think it’s awesome they’ve offered these upgrades and am appreciative of GFC! However, I can see how it’s going to create some heartburn for customers depending on what builds these upgrades are included on and overall roll out.


Nice upgrades for sure, all things I have done since I picked up my camper almost two years ago. It will be interesting to see how GFC does it.

Now can we get to a real tent redesign? That I would pay to upgrade.


If the headliner is removable maybe this upgrade will be able to installed for current GFC owners? Curious to see pictures.


This is the one I’m most interested in. Already have bedding catch and lights done. Sounds like should be compatible with existing campers…

The OG Phil started the trend on the headliner and we all just followed. The headliner was probably one of the best mods I did but a royal PIA to do. Made an awesome patch wall.


That’s my take on it also since they are saying it’s removable.

Recently I saw some posts in the GFC community. these are posts regarding upcoming features. I think in the July Build feature; if anyone knows more about it; Share your experiences