New V2 Issues

Well, picked up my second V2. Just got it popped for the first time after three weeks of being on a big work project, and having my truck parked. Looks like holes in front tent material, and my drivers latch won’t close, as it doesn’t line up. Trying to get it open was a fight. Submitted two separate work requests. Hopefully, it’s not a big deal. John even asked me when I picked up if I wanted to pop it. I said no, as it’s my second one. Lesson learned, ha.

The latch thing is common, IIRC the top half of the shell needs to have some lateral movement. Just open it up a little bit and slide the top over and then it’ll latch


Top not lining up happens often and you should be able just to yank it to the side. Mine does that almost every time I open it. Edit: @pat_man beat me to the punch :slight_smile:


Thanks, dudes!

Sorry to see that corner looking a bit off! Did you submit a Service Request yet, hombré?

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Yes, Sir!


I noticed that with either latch when parked on uneven ground. It was easily negotiated by closing the offending latch before the other, with a little bit of pressure.


Not gunna beat the horse as well but like other said; little yank and should be solid.

I’m sure GFC will take care of ya but can always use some shoe glue if ur worried about the canvas leaking at the stitches

Also, congrats on the new tent! :call_me_hand:t3:

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Mine had the same issue with the stitching in the front of the tent. Little bit of Shoe Goo fixed it right up, no worries.

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Both of these look pretty normal to me as others have said. I doubt you’ll get much if any leaking with that stitching. There are some similar things like that in my camper that’s about two months old, I had it out in the rain, several nights without any water getting in while popped.

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Same here on latch misalignment, I just adjust the top.
I thought I just leave a note here in case this is actually something that can be fixed

They’re using too heavy of a thread/needle for that light of material … some form of piping should also be used in those corners and/or some form of heat applied reinforcement to that area. Sewing light materials can get complicated …