Nice Bed, What Did You Do To It?

Got a GFC V2 installed on my Taco and now it’s time for the fun stuff.

It’s time to get everything else dialed in. I’ve been toying around with a couple ideas for the long bed – putting down some interlocking mats, maybe getting some cheap carpeting, install a plank of wood with astroturf glued down, et cetera.

All the MOLLE racks, 80/20 framing, shelves, DECKED systems, Goose gear plates, deep-cycle setups for refrigeration, et cetera are still being researched and evaluated.

Before I get too deep into my own build, I thought I’d throw it out to y’all and ask: Nice Bed, What Did You Do To It?

Post photos! I wanna see!

Kept my build super simple but with a lot of functionality. One 15" wide drawer with 3 hinged top panels. The front section of the drawer lifts out as well so you can haul it into the house, to the picnic table, or even take it on a boat and set up your camp kitchen. The floor is also 2 pieces of plywood so you’re not walking/kneeling on the corrugated bed. The whole system is designed to fit snuggly between the cab, bed sides, and my bed stiffeners. It’s not permanently attached so I can take it out and still use my truck as a truck. I’ve also mounted a RockyMount DropTop axel mount on the left floor panel to carry my mtn bike inside (added this after these pics were taken). And I stained it blue for kicks. I pick up my GFC tomorrow so hopefully everything works together!


Congrats on the V2! Check out my MotoTruck Build… I have been documenting every step of the way.

Welcome @WarthogJones. Like the prior poster, I wanted to keep it simple. But I went a different direction than drawers. I’ve been meaning to share it in a build thread…but I’ll take this opportunity instead.

What I’m after is a multipurpose platform that fills roughly half the bed (I also have a Tacoma long bed). Something that can be a bench, an extra sleeping platform (sometimes my wife and son take the upstairs, sometimes we share), and provide more effective use of space with storage underneath. It also has to be inexpensive, light, and easy to remove.

V1 was a 2x10 down the middle of the bed, cut exactly to the length of the bed, and attached to the front bed rail with a steel strap. The only other lateral support was an aluminum flat bar that attached to the d-ring in the front corner of the bed. On the outboard side the bench rests on angle aluminum suspended from the bed rail. It was solid and it worked great. You could get about 8 pairs of skis under it and it was comfortable to sleep on with an inflatable pad. It was best for storing long items or things that were used infrequently because it wasn’t easy to lift up the platform to access below.

V2 replaces the 2x10 with 8020 that I had lying around. And now the decking is hinged to the 8020. So I can easily access the items underneath by lifting the decking or, if I’m inside, by reaching in from the side. The platform can still be removed with just two bolts (one at the bed rail at the front of the bed, the other in a lateral support that attaches to the angle aluminum at the side).


It’s been hell but it’s getting there.



phase 1 complete.