NO LONGER AVAILABLE: GFC XL for F-150 w/Extras #889

XL GF Camper, Side Doors $7975, 3x Black Edition Beef Bars $627, 2x Bajadesigns XL80S w GFC brackets and removable lenses $780, 2x Bajadesigns S2 Rear/Chase lights w/amber lenses and w/GFC brackets $295…I’m into it for $10,177 plus install, etc. , plus (I paid $500 to get spot #889 on the GFC Marketplace). Has the new hinges.

It’s been slept in twice and perfect condition.

Unfortunate circumstances force me to sell. Located in Las Vegas, NV.

I will sell for $8900 cash.

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You still have the top? How long is the bed? I have a 6’ bed on a chevy Silverado xtra cab

It available. The Raptor has a 5’5” bed.

I have a 6ft bed on a Silverado

Not speaking from certainty, but I don’t think my GFC will work for you.

Is it still available?

Yes. I just got back into town. Going to work through the messages and offfers shortly.

If you could email me a few more pictures of the inside that would be great. Thanks
Thanks again

still available? if so, i am interested. - thx

No longer available.